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Great wheelchair gloves!

I bought these to use as wheelchair gloves because my handrims have no grip to them.The zig-zag palm grip of the gloves is a synthetic leather with silicone beads. It also has silicone beads covering the entire underside of the glove giving it a lot of places to grip. I have been using them for a few days and even if I use my power assist up to 8mph there is no damage to the glove from friction of turning the wheels.The gloves are really easy to slide your hand into with the big Velcro closure. The insides are very soft and wick away moisture. There is a small amount of padding on the palm which makes it easier to grip my handrim and helps to not wear out my hands after hours of pushing. Something about the way they are made just makes them feel really supportive of your hand without feeling like your movement is restricted.My only problem is while the lycra in the webbing of the fingers allows for great dexterity it does stretch out after awhile. I don't know if this is something I could fix by washing them. They still fit tightly across the palm however. I recommend when sizing them to pull the measuring tape as tight as you would want the gloves to feel to get a good fit.All in all I am really happy with my purchase.

Decent gloves

Background:I have been doing some pullups, which hurt my hands a lot. Wanted to get some gloves to help this problem.Pros:- Comfortable, fits well. I measured my hands according to their size guide and the gloves fit me perfectly.- Finger tabs provide an easy way to get the gloves off. I didn't think this would be a big deal but it's actually so handy (pun intended) and great.Neutral:- It does protect the hand, somewhat. I find for pullups, the part of your hand that is hurting is when you grip the bar too far forward, causing the skin to kind of pinch on the bar. Unfortunately that isn't entirely solved by the gloves, since if you don't change your grip, you will still feel that pain to a lesser degree. But since improving my grip and using the gloves, I've reduced my hand pain by a lot.Cons:- It gets a little hot if worn for a long time.

Ms S.
Love these gloves, Practical and cute

Ok, I love these gloves. Like I really do. I deadlift, squat, and bench using these gloves and I know longer get calluses on my hands. I've been using them for about a month now and they are still great. Super easy to wash as well. I followed some recommendations and sized up and they fit great. They are super cute too and I get a bunch of compliments on them. This is a must buy for any lady that wants to lift without ruining the integrity of her hands lol. Fabulous product. I might order in another color as well because a girl has to have options right :)

Sarah O.
These gloves the shittttt :)

I love these gloves. First off their grip is awesome - weights, machines, I mean I did the Spartan obstacle course race with them. Even on the floor (where some gloves tend to dig into the webbed part of your hands), they work! I usually took my old gloves off for things like mountain climbers. These gloves are breathable, and the little tabs to take them off on the ring and middle fingers are crucial!!! They also look badass, which I appreciate. The customer service at Contraband is phenom - I emailed them when these were out of stock and got an email back within an hour! Christopher French was especially helpful, nice and actually followed up when they were back in stock. All in all I would 100% wholeheartedly recommend!

Dye still bleeds after months of use

I've had this pair of gloves for about 7 months now & have used them exclusively about 4-5 days per week for weight training. There is a thin layer of padding on the palms & the overlays have prevented calluses from forming. It's lightweight, flexible, & the supportive pieces don't hinder my natural grip when handling dumbells or barbells. This model does not support the wrist because it has a Velcro closure over the top of the hand. I would not recommend putting them in the washer because the dye does bleed even after months of washing them by hand. The pair I have has worn down in a few ways; the pull tabs on my left glove have both fallen off (I'm right-handed), one of the finger pads on the palm side of the glove is loose, & there are tears on some of the finger openings too. It's ok for the price & may be suited to people who will use them to weight train just a few times per week and in brief sessions so that odor buildup is less of an issue & they last as long as possible.