PRODUCT RELEASE – Pink Label 5537 MICRO Lifting Gloves

A totally new style of glove, these give your hands a feeling of freedom while at the same time protecting from building calluses. We took the best features of all our Pink Label gloves and put them together to create these gloves. Check out the product features and listings on Amazon and ebay. You can also find social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

PRODUCT RELEASE – New Premium Contraband Black Label Gloves

A variety of premium gloves are now available. 6 new styles, 3 standard closure and 3 similar wrist-lock versions. For the fitness addicts who need a little more protection than basic gloves provide, these premium gloves are as good as they get! They are now available on Amazon and ebay with releases to retail stores soon. Contact us if you have any questions.

PRODUCT RELEASE – Contraband Pink Label 1807 7mm Knee Sleeves

Hey Ladies,

Contraband Pink Label now has pink knee sleeves in a 7mm thickness. The 3/4 length is perfect for bodybuilding, crossfit, and other workouts that require support/compression but demand mobility. These are not like the powerlifting knee sleeves which are extremely hard to get on and practically cut off circulation. You can easily wear these for a 2 hour workout or more! These have even been tested to work great on cardio equipment like stair climbers and treadmills. Protect your knees and try a pair today! There is a 30 day no questions asked on all products so if you don’t like them, contact the seller and get a return shipping label to send them back.


PRODUCT RELEASE – Contraband Black Label 4010 4inch Nylon belt w/ Velcro

PRODUCT RELEASE – Contraband Black Label 4010 4inch Nylon belt w/ velcro. More durable than cotton and less rigid than leather. The perfect combination for a long lasting belt that will provide tons of support for years and years. All 4010 belts come with a GAINZ GUARANTEE…if you dont see gainz in the first 30 days, return it for a full refund. Initial launch special price of $14.99 w/ free shipping!!!


Contraband 1900 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves

Contraband Black Label Product Release – 1900 7mm Neoprene Elbow Sleeves. $29.99 / pair and ready to ship. The advantages of elbow sleeves are very similar to those of knee sleeves or knee wraps. On bench press, the neoprene rubber expands when the weight is lowered. This creates elastic potential energy in the form of tension. When you reverse the weight and begin to push up, the stored energy is released as kinetic energy providing a little reduction in the force needed to accelerate the bar in an upward motion. By reducing the weight at the bottom, you maintain much better control of the weight and maximize the force you can apply through the entire repition range. NOT CONVINCED? There is a 30 day no questions asked return policy on this product with FREE return shipping AND an 1yr FULL replacent warranty.


Black Label & Pink Label Gloves

We have released 4 initial styles of gloves, two for men, and two for women.

Contraband Black Label gets the 5120 series gloves which are a basic mesh material with rubber/silicone grip pads. The 5930 gloves are a wrist-lock style glove which wraps around the wrist to lock it in place. This replaces the need to use both gloves and a wrist wrap while lifting heavy weights. Both styles are currently available in black/red, but you should expect to see the classic black/white look following soon.

Contraband Pink Label is receiving the 5127 and the 5137 series gloves. Both are mesh style gloves and are currently available in black/pink but expect more colors to follow. The 5127 gloves feature a rubber/silicone grip for added gripping power while the 5137 gloves have a leather palm for long life durability.

We expect to release additional variations in the coming months, but please use the contact form if you have any suggestions on new products, variations, or colors.


-Contraband Sports

Product Release – 1800 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves

Contraband Black Label 1800 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves are now available on and Ebay. 3/4 length for everyday knee support during a workout. Easy to slide on and comfortable enough to wear during a full training session. Now $49.99 / Pair. Sizes Small – Xlarge are currently available, XXlarge will be available soon.